Microsoft unveils RoboChamps, a simulated robotics league that is open to academics, hobbyists and developers from around the world. RoboChamps is built on top of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 CTP using the physics enabled simulation environment to provide immersive 3D environments, simulated versions of robots with the opportunity of winning real robots.

Microsoft Robotics Studio Provides Common Ground for Robotics Innovation Community technology preview of Windows-based robotics development platform garners broad industry support. Related Links Other Resources: Carnegie Mellon Center for Innovative Robotics PITTSBURGH- June 20, 2006 - Today at RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition 2006, Microsoft Corp. showcased the community technology preview (CTP) of a new Windows®-based environment for academic, hobbyist and commercial developers to easily create robotic applications for a wide variety of computing platforms. In addition, early adopter companies, universities and research institutes offered demos and provided support for the new Microsoft® Robotics Studio development platform. The community technology preview of the Microsoft Robotics Studio is available for download at

Ever hear of the Microsoft Robotics Group? Us neither. Well, we do have a robotics team and they have just released a technical preview of the Microsoft Robotics Studio, which is a development platform that provides some highly innovative functionality for those of you interested in building robots or applications that require extensive loosely-coupled distributed parallelism(Remember the CCR interview we did a while back? Well, here's what's become of that great work). Did you know that you can control a robot from a web page using the Microsoft Robotics SDK? Yeah, us neither. Robotics Home Page:

Building a robot these days is as much a programming exercise as a nuts-and-bolts hardware project; even children experimenting with Lego's popular Mindstorms toy-robot kits must learn how to use graphical programming tools on a PC before they can send a single instruction to their plastic-block creations. The problem in the grown-up world is that every new robot, even those built by industrial robot manufacturers, requires its own specialized software and programming tools. If there were a single, widely used tool for robot programming, code could be reused on different robots, and robot builders could concentrate on advanced features rather than basic infrastructure, says Trower. Demonstrating that point, robot makers from Lego to KUKA Robot Group, a German manufacturer of large industrial robots, were on hand in Pittsburgh to show how software written using Microsoft's tool can run on many different types of robots.

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