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Ms Robot

A tabletop & product studio
 Camera robot & studio for production rental

We focus on products.

We are a camera robot & studio for producers, directors and photographers. We make motion control easier for smaller productions. Tabletop production is our specialty. We use a smaller robot and shoot products and macros.
1. Precision Movement
2. Repeat Motion
3. Unique Angles
4. Hero Shots
5. Product Features
6. Textures

Our role in your production

Book us, just as you would any studio or equipment. We’ve consolidated studio, camera, robot and technicians into a daily flat rate. You bring the creative and we'll help you figure out how to get it shot.

Our Team: Robot Op, Camera Assistant
Your Team: Everyone else

What we’ve done to simplify:

Motion control is difficult, but we've done this a bunch and we've worked out the kinks. Our goal is to get you shooting as quickly as possible.

No set up time: Robot and camera ready when you walk in.
Pricing: Studio, techs, robot & camera equipment included
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