Motion Control Studio Rental in Los Angeles

Located in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in moco for tabletop and products. We rent out our motion control studio for productions, creatives and brands. We have Motorized Precision's Mia Robot on 20ft of track and RED Raptor camera with remote camera control. See our robot page for more details.

Why Cinema Robots?

1. Precision Movement
2. Repeat Motion
3. Unique Angles
4. Hero Shots
5. Product Features
6. Textures

Cinema & Slow Motion Cameras

Red Raptor and Freefly Ember

Motion Control Simplified

Why Ms Robot? There are already great motion control options like Camera Control's Bolt Robot and Cinebot. As directors and cinematographers ourselves, we wanted a motion control company that is turn key, specialized in products and is ready to program moves when you walk in.

You bring the creative and we'll do the visual engineering . Power requirements? Payload Limits? Cables? It's all worked out already. Our goal is to get you shooting as quickly as possible.

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Our Team: Robot Op, Camera Assistant
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Your Team: Everyone else
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No set up time: Robot and camera ready when you walk in
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Rates: No need to wait for a quote. See rates here.
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 Camera robot & studio for production rental