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Ms Robot

A tabletop & product studio


Floor Plan

Production office
Hair/makeup & wardrobe areas
Natural Daylight
Blackout Shades
Ground level entrance
4ft tabletop cyclorama
Facility: 3000 sq. ft.
Ceilings: 25 ft
Power: 80amp Lunch Box and House Power
Drop off: (2) spots
Street Parking: Unmetered & Available
Private outdoor space
Two restrooms
Printer & Scanner


(2) Restrooms
(1) Kitchenette with microwave
(1) Full Sized Fridge
(2) Conference Tables
(12) Conference Chairs
(2) 8ft x 4ft Whiteboards
(1) Upstairs lounge
(1) Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe space
(1) Industrial Steamer
(1) Handheld Steamer
(4) Apple HomePods 

Production Supplies List

(4) 6ft x 1.5ft Fold up tables
(4) Fold up chairs
(2) 4ft x 2ft Rolling Tables
(6) Stools
(4) Director Chairs
(6) Trash Cans
(1) Printer & Scanner
(1) 8ft Ladder
(1) 4ft Ladder


Option 1: There is a independently owned lot on the same block by Lacy Street Production Center. They rent spots at $60 per car and need to be called in advanced to see if schedule is open. Their phone number is on their website and the parking lot is "gate 4"

Option 2: Outside that it's street parking on Lacy st. Generally most productions under 10 people are able to find parking. There is almost always street parking further away on ave 33. Do not park in any of the building's parking spots. You will be towed. If you need to unload gear, theres a red curb in front that people have used in the past
South Side Tues 8-10am is street sweeping. North side is weds 8-10am street sweeping. and part of the road is 2h only (however they don't enforce the 2 hour rule and we are happy to pay anyone's ticket if they get a 2 hour ticket)

Important Location Notes

1. Our location is a work/live area and has quiet hours before 8am and after 10pm. Please be mindful of our community and the impact on any areas outside our studio. Please do not leave the gate open, do not obstruct pathways, do not stage outside the studio and please be mindful of noise levels. Thank you for understanding.

2. Our preference for shooting is Monday - Friday 9am-7pm. The earliest we will open the door is 8am.  

3. Due to our location, generators are not allowed. We have no access to 3 phase power on our shoots. Please consider if bringing lights beyond what our studio has. We have dedicated robot power, one 80amp lunch box, and an additional 100amps of house power.

4. The width of our studio door is 3ft 7in. Please consider when bringing in larger props or sets.

5. Overtime: We start charging hourly after 11 hours, which includes lunch. Time starts when the door opens and stops when last person on your crew is out the door.

6. No staging equipment in the outside of the unit 305 and 306. This includes walkway, parking lot and outside patios. No use of the common area for productions.

7. No outside G/E carts due past incidents with disrupting neighbors and staging in common areas. Small grip and electric items that are can be bought by hand are welcome.

8. No productions that require street closures.

9. Crew limit of up to 15 and max total of 20 people due to studio size and community impact.