Our Team

On the day of there will be two of us on set. One operator and one tech. Here's look into who we are behind the scenes:

Nate Fu

Nate Fu is a cinematographer and robot operator specializing in commercial work. At night he's a video artist and home cook with an obsession with Japanese food. He is available for hire as a director, cinematographer or both if the project is the right fit. His directing and cinematography work is below

See Nate's Director/Cinematographer reel here:

Go behind the scenes with Nate and Aputure Lighting

Personal Work

Dan Fisher

Dan Fisher is a producer, director, editor and robot operator. Outside of the editing bays, he's either working on his motorcycle or connecting just about anything to smart RGB lights.

Patty Lin

Patty is an illustrator and an avid mediocre gamer. Originally a robot operator trainee, she nestled herself as robot tech, studio manager, and art department

illustration of a door with sunset
illustration of girl in rain
illustration of flower
illustration of girl with headphones
illustration of face
illustration of pretty ashtray
illustration of a girl with red hair
illustration of girl during sunset
illustration of jasmine and her tiger
illustration of a girl with the text swiss army
illustration of a rick and morty fan drawing
illustration of two gold fish swimming in red and yellow
illustration of a family with 2 dogs
illustration of a girl with snow gear on with a pink background
illustration of a hand cutting a organ
illustration of a girl with green hair and golden flowers
illustration of a cute dog
illustration of a soju bottle
illustration of a bus on a roadtrip
illustration of an adventure time fan art