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About Ms Robot

Motion control is all about the operators behind it. An operator's understanding of visual language and how to work with others. We've hired motion control robots before starting our company. It took time and a lot of people getting in sync. We loved the visual language of motion control but not the process.

We starting building a studio filled with visual creative tools designed for creative flow. Motors to turn lights are built with junior pins and can swap to baby pins. We have turntables in different sizes that can go on floor or sit on a junior stand. We have a back up duplicate Red Raptor camera ready to go, just in case. The focus of each lens has been carefully calibrated, down to the 1/8th of an inch. We've made our own wires in house to match the exact power and length needs of our motors.

All of these tools are designed to ensure that we don't have to think about technical details on the day of the shoot, allowing us to be fully present and creative.

Our Team

Nate Fu

Nate Fu is a cinematographer and robot operator specializing in commercial work. At night he's a video artist and home cook with an obsession with Japanese food. His work is below

Behind the scenes with Nate:

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Aputure Video

Dan Fisher

Dan Fisher is a producer, director, editor and robot operator. Outside of the editing bays, he's either working on his motorcycle or connecting just about anything to smart RGB lights. Dan's work:

Patty Lin

Patty Lin is a robot tech, editor and artist. See her work below



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