The Robot

• Motorized Precision's MIA robot controlled through the MP Studio software. 
• 3.8ft Arm with 20ft track, traveling up to 3 m/s.
• Rigged with 8k Red Raptor camera.
• Sigma Cine Prime Set + Raptor Cine Macros

Tech Specs
Size and Weight
Track: 20ft
Base Riser: 2ft
Arm Reach: 3.8ft
Max Height: 6.5ft
Weight: 1,000lb
Robot Arm
Length: 3.8ft
Width: 1ft
Width: 4ft (with legs)
Line Voltage: 120v or 240v
Amp: 40amps
Track: 8ft / second (peak speed)
Arm: 9ft / second (peak speed)
Combined: 17ft / second (peak speed)
Length: 20ft
Width: 1ft
Width: 4ft (with legs)
Max Weight: 20lb
Optimal Weight: 10lb
Axis 1: ± 170°
Axis 2: +45°/-190°
Axis 3: +156°/-120°
Axis 4: ± 185°
Axis 5: ± 120°
Axis 6: Infinite
Axis 1: 300° per second
Axis 2: 225° per second
Axis 3: 225°per second
Axis 4: 381° per second
Axis 5: 311° per second
Axis 6: 492° per second

Turntables & Light Movers

• Control robot and turntable simultaneously, within MP Studio
• Sync motors with robot and control ramping

• Trigger pneumatics with millisecond precision
• DMX Lighting trigger for a board operator or limited DMX software control

Programable External Motors
• Stepper Motors for model movers
• Programable Light Motors with Jr Pin Receiver and Baby pins

Behind The Scenes

Aputure - Coffee Shoot

Tim Hogan - Tequila Shoot

Tim Hogan - Golf Shoot


MPStudio Software
• The operator and software make up the most important part of how smooth a shoot goes.
• Our operator works with the DP or Director to design the shots
• Find shots, make keyframes, adjust pathways, fine tune focus.

Controller Layout

Post Integration & VFX

• Full motion control - run mutiply passes
• Plates - for compositing & motion tracking
• Time Remapping - adjust timing of moves for overcranking/undercranking
• Keying - paint, fabric and seamless available in blue & green
• Lens data - available on select lenses

• Plugin - provided to qualified clients
• Import/Export - previsualize moves from Maya to MP Studio and vice versa.
• Robot & Track - 3d model of robot system for programming in Maya


Can you bring the robot to a location?
Unfortunately we do not move our robot outside of the studio.
Do you guys edit?
We offload your footage to drives at the end of the day. The rest of the post process is up to you.
Can I bring my own camera and lenses?
Our cameras and lenses are calibrated specifically to our software. Adding new cameras or lenses takes more time, and would require setup. Adding a phantom camera is the common set up. Contact us for details
How long does it take to program shots?
It ranges from 1 minute to a 30 minutes. Most of them time is taken in lighting and styling. On average shoots get around 10 to 40 shots a day.
How long does it take to make small adjustments?
-Small adjustments like position, orientation, keyframe interpolation and time remapping can be adjusted quickly. 
-Adjustments involving speed, target tracking, orbit and organic movement take longer.
Can music be synced to the robot?
Yes send us the file as an MP3. But we don't shoot music videos.
Can DMX lighting be synced?
Yes however you need to bring your own board OP. We can start a trigger with a 5 pin.
How do I get my footage?
Our media is captured to RED Digital Cinema SSD cards. We have USB readers if you prefer to transfer your own footage. Or just bring a drive and we’ll do it for you.
Vibrations or “shake” is a common occurrence for almost all robots. The weight, the reach and speed are all important factors to consider. Our robot and camera have been pre-calibrated and assembled to minimize vibrations. In the event of visible shake, we can troubleshoot, and re-optimize the shot.
Can you physically move the robot & track around the studio?
Yes, we have to power down the robot and raise the legs before moving. it takes about 10-30 minutes in total.